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We hope every user can drive their Hoverboard safely.

Get ready for the ride

1.Check the power of the balanced hoverboard:

The first time you use it, you must charge and activate the vehicle first, then you can ride safely under the premise of sufficient power.

2.Check the tires:

Is the tire pressure normal? Is the tire strong around it? These are all things that should be checked before cycling, and doing it will give you a pleasant cycling experience.

3.Prepare helmets and other safety gear:

Riding is potentially dangerous, helmet and gear can protect you, Please pay attention to it.

4.Attach the foam Anti-collision strip to the scooter

While riding, the balance hoverboard also may be collision, and the anti-collision foam strip can effectively protect the balance hoverboard.

5.Read user manual carefully

Each hoverboard will be equipped with detailed user manual, and careful reading the user manual will give you a full understanding of how to use them.

Learning to drive


lean forward slightly and push the hoverboard forward. Not to try to ride fast until you are proficient in how to control the balance hoverboard.


Return your body to an upright state or slightly tilt backward, the speed will slow down.


According to the steering needs,we can control our body tilt left and right slightly. If our center of gravity is on the right,the scooter will turn right,and when our center of gravity on the left, the scooter will turn left.

Get out of the scooter

Keep our body in an upright state, and the hoverboard still to maintain the balance. One foot goes down from the scooter first, and then leave the other foot from scooter quickly and goes behind the scooter body (to ensure safety, get off from behind the scooter body).