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Maintain your own hoverboard to ensure smooth travel and Extended service life

Hoverboard requires users to carry out routine maintenance

Before you perform the following operations, ensure the power and charging cable is disconnected. The operation is forbidden, if the power or the battery is charging

1.Carry: Using reasonable skills to lift and lower the vehicle

To move the vehicle, please follow the steps :

• Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC Vehicle

• Adjust the handle and fold it, which will make it easy to carry

2.Maintain Wheels

Check tire assembly regularly, shaking the tire along the axial direction.

Observing whether the tire is ok, if not, tightening the mounting screws.

If the tire leak or damaged seriously, please contact the service department for replacement.

3.Clean CHIC Vehicle


• Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC Vehicle.

• Wipe the cover.

• Cleaning the appearance of the vehicle with soft soap and water. Never using a high pressure cleaning system, steam cleaning, high pressure water or high pressure air to clean it.


Store the vehicle in a place that is dry, protected from light, and at a suitable temperature. Do not connect the power if it is not used for a long time, and make sure to charge it at least once a month to avoid the battery being unusable for a long time without using it.

5.Users who disassemble CHIC Vehicle without permission will regarded as giving up the right of warranty.