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CHIC Vehicle requires the user to do routine maintenance


Before you perform the following operations, ensure the power and charging cable is disconnected. The operation is forbidden, if the power or the battery is charging, .

Please follow these steps:

• Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC Vehicle.

• Adjust the handle and fold it, which will make it easy to carry.

Maintain Wheels

• Check tire assembly regularly, shaking the tire along the axial direction.

• Observing whether the tire is ok, if not, tightening the mounting screws.

   Regularly check tire regularly.

• If the tire leak or damaged seriously, please contact the service department for replacement.

Clean CHIC Vehicle


• Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC Vehicle.

• Wipe the cover.

• Avoid using water or other liquids on the CHIC Vehicle for cleaning. If water or other liquids seep into the car, it will cause permanent damage to the internal electronics.

Store CHIC Vehicle

• Fully charge your battery before storing.

• If you store CHIC Vehicle more than one month, please remove the battery and charge it at least every three month.

• If the storage ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, please do not charge. You can bring the vehicle into a warm environment(above 10 ℃) for charging

• To prevent dust coming, you can cover CHIC Vehicle.

• Store CHIC Vehicle indoors, a dry and suitable temperature. If you do not use it for a long time, please do not connect the power.


Users who disassemble CHIC Vehicle without permission will regarded as giving up the right of warranty.