Announcement of Cancellation of Authorization to QD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SL in Spain


        鉴于我司与QD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SL《专利实施许可合同》已于2019年 3月4日终止。自2019年 3月4日起,QD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SL不再是我司在西班牙地区的专利排他性许可授权商,向其认购的专利标识贴我司不予认可。在西班牙地区的维权工作已由我司自行决定处理。

        The Patent Exploitation License Contract with QD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SL was terminated on March 4th, 2019. QD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SL is no longer our exclusive licensee in Spain. Patent labels purchased from QD after March 4th, 2019, are no longer recognized. We have taken over the rights of patent protection and exploitation by ourselves in Spain.