Hangzhou CHIC 2019 Patent Label Subscription Program for Unauthorized Regions


        一、 授权时间:2019年4月1日至2020年3月31日

        1. Authorization Date: April 1st, 2019 to March 31st , 2020


        2. Regions Covered by Authorization:

        Countries and regions other than the United States, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Greece,Canada, China (authorized regions may change, exact details shall be specified and announced in CHIC official website.)

        三、 授权方案:采取认购形式

        3. Method to Obtain Authorization: Program Subscription


        For an enterprise obtaining CHIC general authorization for an unauthorized country and/or region, the enterprise shall subscribe a fixed number of patent labels based on the estimated sales volume of the authorized region within 3 work days after executing the subscription agreement. The price of first subscription is 8USD/PCS (The minimum quantity shall be 10,000 PCS for the first subscription).


        Following preferential program is for the first subscription only:



        The price for the second subscription is 15 USD/PCS and 20 USD/PCS for the third subscription, and shall not enjoy the preferential program that applies for the first subscription.


        If an enterprise intends to obtain the general authorization for an unauthorized country/region after obtaining First Subscription Program, the subscription price for patent label shall be 15 USD/PCS without preferential program.


        4. Miscellaneous


        4.1 An enterprise that intends to enter the patent label subscription

must execute the Patent Implementation License Agreement before it can subscribe.


        4.2. The First Subscription Program Period is from the date of publication of this Hangzhou CHIC 2019 Patent Label Subscription Program for Unauthorized Regions to April 25, 2019.


        4.3 Hangzhou Chic will take full responsibility for enforcing IP rights in the subscription regions.


        4.4 The authorized enterprise must abide the provisions of the Patent Implementation License Agreement.


        4.5 The subscribed labels can be used among the countries that have no exclusive distributor authorized by Hangzhou Chic and shall not be used to regions where exclusive distributors are authorized. If any device with the label is sold to a region with an exclusive distributor authorized, the general authorization will be canceled, and the fees paid for patent labels shall not be refunded, the non-activated label will also become invalid.


        4.6 All subscribing enterprises shall report to Hangzhou Chic their online stores including their distributors’online stores in their respective authorized region(s).





Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mar.18, 2019