Press Release



    We have had inquiries recently from friends in the industry on an email encircled in the cyberspace on our enforcement of Hangzhou Chic’s patents and their validity.



    The IP Department of Hangzhou Chic provides responses as follows:


    Chic have over 300 patents and patent applications related to electrical balanced hoverboard.  Our company prevailed in three U.S. ITC 377 investigations filed by U.S. companies as evidence to our position as the original Chinese creator of hoverboard and saved the export market of more than USD 2 billions for thousands of Chinese companies. Chic made unique contributions for the Chinese hoverbaord industry to expend the market globally, to provide core technology in the competitions and provide healthy development for the industry.



    We Chic company always respect our partners for only competitions shall lead to new creation to promote industry development and to spread Chinese innovations. We also hope others respect intellectual property rights and do not infringe Chic’s intellectual properties. We are more than willing to share with our partners our intellectual properties, including but not limited to patented technologies in electrical balanced hoverboard.



    This anonymous email fabricated some false information, and purported to challenge Chic’s patents. As for the false information, we will not waste our time to clarify as readers can easily get correct information from the public and authentic rulings of Courts and Patent Offices in China and U.S.  And for the challenges to our patents, we welcome them because real gold shines even brighter in the fire. In the last few years, our patents survived several invalidity challenges in various jurisdictions in the world. Every challenge only enforced Chic’s position as the original Chinese innovator globally.



    We will never change our determination to protect our intellectual property rights granted under various laws in various countries, and will continue to enforce our intellectual property rights against infringers under the laws of these countries without any reservations.