The CHIC 2019 Annual Meeting and the Global Partner Awards Ceremony


the Chairman of CHIC Ying Jiawei delivered a speech

On January 15th, when it was quietly left in 2018 and newly opened in 2019, the CHIC Group held the 2019 annual meeting and Global Partner Awards Ceremony with the theme of “ SHARE DESIGNS OF INTELLIGENCE AND ORIGINACITY WITH THE WORLD” in Hangzhou where the headquarter is located . The scale of the event is not only the gathering of executives and employees of the companies under the CHIC group, but also the leaders of the relevant friendly institutions and the partners around the world.

Sang the Song

The whole party is divided into three theme chapters, namely, “R&D·Creation is Endless”, “Technology·Enhanced Progressively”, “Sharing·Global Environment”. The three theme chapters respectively express the Hangzhou CHIC' s exploration of the intelligent short-distance travel field innovation , the persistence of technology excellence and the global sharing of patent results , which fully reflects the business philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit of “focusing”, “ingenuity” and “sharing” of Hangzhou CHIC .

The awards ceremony for global partners 

The event is both an Internal annual meeting of CHIC and an awards ceremony for global partners. This form of activity continues the philosophy and attitude of “shared and win-win” between CHIC and partners. At the conference, CHIC selected outstanding partners, quality suppliers, excellent partners, and excellent authorized enterprises, and awarded the excellent partner award, quality supplier award , excellent cooperation award and excellent authorized enterprise award respectively. It recognizes the outstanding performance of these partners over the past year and the significant contribution to the entire balance scooter market.

 CHIC partner Expressed gratitude to CHIC Group

At the conference, one partner passionately express , " CHIC has created an electric scooter ( the scooter without pole ) industry, just because the existence of CHIC , there has the global balance scooter market today ." In addition, another partner, in order to express his gratitude to CHIC, even took out 20,000RMB , temporarily set up a "surprise prize" consisting of "20pcs red envelopes, each 1,000RMB ", WeChat draw by employees of the CHIC group . The whole event has been pushed into another climax here.

Ying Fangtian,the vice president of the International Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University,gived a  exciting speech

At the final stage of the annual meeting , Professor Ying Fangtian , the vice president of the International Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, the director of the Computer Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Center of the Ministry of Education, and the Vice President and Secretary General of the China Industrial Design Association, delivered a wonderful finale speech . Professor Ying Fangtian actively affirmed the contribution and status of the rider CHIC in the global balance scooter field and the influence of the CHIC on the development of intelligent short-distance traffic technology in China. It firstly described the current good development trend and development blueprint of the CHIC , and have great confidence and expectations in CHIC’ s future development .

The CHIC Global General Agent Conference At the Hangzhou Headquarters

On the next day January 16 , CHIC held a full-day global general agent conference at the Hangzhou headquarters. The conference covered more than 20 authorized countries in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and other countries and regions of the European Union. The main discussion was on the detailed layout of the CHIC Global Patent, and the common action guidelines were negotiated and has reached an agreement based on various relevant details . The General agent Conference further deepened the strategic layout of CHIC global market and formulated a unified action plan and specifications , which laid a good foundation for CHIC’ s further development of the global balance scooter market .