Smart-Pi,A New Generation of Electric Balancing Scooter


US UL safety certification - A World famous safety testing and identification agency.

It’s a”Non-Explosive”self-balancing scooter with double fire-prevention and explosion-proof.


Aviation Aluminum Frame, Adjustable Cool Lighting


Smart-PI: Aviation aluminum frame,Integrated design,Strong and light.The weight of the whole hoverboard is as light as 10kg,Easy to lift with one hand.

The appearance is stylish and technical, the shell is exquisite and glossy, and with the streamlined curved design makes it not only a smart travel tool, but also like a fox pet in the home.Many adjustable cool lighting inside,such as running lighting,flashover lighting, double flashing lighting,starry flashing,red and yellow warning lighting.There is also a night escort,make your riding more Chic and Stylish.

Pressure Induction + Gravity Center Control, High-energy Battery + Brushless Motor


Pressure Induction + Gravity Center Control, High-energy Battery + Brushless Motor


Based on the technology of‘pressure induction + gravity center control’, the manipulation response is more sensitive and precise. Plus power type 18650 Lithium battery and high efficiency (≥85%) synchronous brushless motor, strong power, longer endurance, less interference, lower noise, longer life, easier climbing, rotation, corner, up hill, charge, it can explore a variety of fancy riding techniques. 3 hours fast charging, can be used for a whole day, around the standard playground 37.5 circles.


Made of Superior Luxury Materials, CHIC hoverboard has Excellent Quality!

Five Security Kernel, International Stringent Standards


1, H polymer material shell, anti-collision and wear resistance;

2, V-1 class flame retardant, super than American UL safety standard;

3, closed battery management, multi-layer physical protection;

4, IP54 level dust-proof and waterproof, without fear of rain or dust;

5, More protections for overcharging, over discharging, over temperature, and short circuit etc.

CHIC-PI hoverboard,A New Smarter Generation, Five-layer Safety Protection


Superior Luxury Materials, CHIC Excellent Quality!


CNC Metal Wheels: Alloy Specular Hub, Streamlined & Simple Design;

All-aluminum Sealed Frame: aircraft aluminum frame and integrated design to ensure a more steady and safer performance;

Non-pneumatic tire:  free of pinning, strong grip;

Shock-absorbing silicone foot pad: effectively slows the bumps caused by the buffer belt and the up and down slope;

18650 Lithium Battery: high efficiency power battery certified by safety certificate.


A New Smarter Generation, Five-layer Safety Protection


Overspeed alarm: the system recognizes automatically and provides different speed limits and riding control;

Low battery indication: automatically remind you to charge in time when the battery is low;

Automatic Calibration: once driving in deviation, automatically calibrate direction to ensure a smooth journey;

Auto Sleep: lightly step and slide to wake up, start & automatic calibration, auto sleep in 10 minutes, support manual calibration;

Sound & Light Reminder: During the riding, the sound and lighting are assisted to make the trip smoother and safer.