Smart-C,The World's First Micro-small Self-balancing Scooter


CHIC Intelligently Travel, contracting your 10km life circle!

It resembles the shape of a hammerhead shark, like a mysterious roaming land animal. Aircraft grade aluminium alloy framework, high strength structure body, precise grinding shell, anti-collision and wear-resistant are guaranteed. Air-free hollow tires, natural resin anti-skidding pedals, cool LED headlights, plus Bluetooth stereo, which makes your Chic’s life safer and more relaxed. It has both entertainment and leisure, so as to highlight youthful vitality and personality self.

Dual-core microprocessor chip, dynamic balance of human-computer interaction

360 degree + rotating in situ,CHIC self balancing hoverboard with strong mobility

360 degree + rotating in situ, enjoy the ultimate pleasure of dancing, which makes your driving skills more expressive. High quality silicon steel sheet strong motor, copper coil, Chic integrity quality, stronger, faster and better. Dual-core microprocessor chip can control the left and right hubs independently, effectively avoid the imbalance and rollover caused by the different speed of two wheels, and ensure the safety and stability of driving. Built-in high sensitivity photoelectric sensor, real-time accurate perception of human movement changes, which makes your control more satisfactory.

High-grade imported intelligent chips, mainboard intelligent temperature control technology

human-machine interaction in hoverboard

High-precision CPU imported from he United States, gyroscope and other smart chips, powerful "inner core" to deal with a variety of complex scenes. With yaw self-correcting system, the left and right wheel speeds are automatically adjusted to maintain straight line driving.Let you walk right, straight and not crooked!The main board of Smart series adopts intelligent temperature control technology, which avoids the damage of main boards caused by high temperature and unsafe sudden stop when driving too fast.

Multiple Safety Protection Systems, Nine Friendly Safety Guarantees

Ride CHIC Self balancing hoverboard,enjoy everyday of happiness

There are more than five kinds of protection systems: platform tilt protection system, wheel stop-up protection system, over-speed protection system, over-voltage and under-voltage protection system, overload protection system...

9 heavy security guarantees: anti-skidding, deviation-proof, vibration-proof, speeding-proof, water-proof, collision-proof, leakage-proof, explosion-proof and power-off-proof.

Enjoy the President's travel-like security care, layers of heavy, rigorous, which makes your travel worry-free, unrestrained.