CHIC Human-machine Interaction Scooter Obtaining American UL2272 Security Certification Authorization Certificate


CHIC Human-machine Interaction Scooter (also known as Balancing Scooter ) passed UL2272 electrodynamic balance car security standard test, and obtained American UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) security certification authorization certificate, meaning CHIC Balancing Scooter conforms to the standard requirements of international authoritative institution on balance car security. CHIC Balancing Scooter takes the lead in the world either in quality or security.

Since the introduction of Balancing Scooter, it has been developing rapidly with an irresistible force, accompanied by chaotic phenomena, mess and varied product qualities in the industry. The previous year has witnessed the frequent occurrence of Balancing Scooter explosion. On December 12, an “order” of Amazon came as a bolt from the blue, because it required to remove the listing of all Balancing Scooter; at the same time, competent governmental department of U.S. also issued a rule prohibiting any Balancing Scooter (mono wheel and dual wheel) from entering its territory at the end of December.

Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL for short) announced that it will receive any application for Balancing Scooter mechanical-electricalsystem design, structure evaluation, test and UL certification from February 03, 2016. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced on February 18 that any Balancing Scooter produced, imported and sold in U.S. must comply with the latest UL2272 Balancing Scooter circuitry certification standard, and in addition, the battery of any Balancing Scooter must conform to UN38.3 certification requirements. Any product inconformity with the aforesaid standards will be detained in the process of customs import, and any defective productsold in the domestic will be recalled as required.

Upon the announcement of UL certification by U.S., CHIC has given a positive response. It submitted relevant materials the first time, and been ready for the spot check by UL engineers. As a result, it passed a series of strict and professional UL2272 tests and evaluations smoothly. On May X,CHIC Balancing Scooter obtained American UL2272 security certification authorization certificate, meaning that CHIC will hit American market again since the release of sales ban by U.S.; in the meanwhile, CHIC will go on to submit the application for UL certification in terms of other vehicle models. It has set up CHIC customer service center in America, so that it could offer high-quality, convenient and thoughtful after-sales service for American consumers.

Since its founding, CHIC has always put product originality and quality security in the first place, and actively cooperated with relevant authorities to formulate domestic Balancing Scooter industry production and quality standards. The acquisition of the certification of American authoritative certification institution is aimed to provide a safe, guaranteed vehicle trading market for consumers, make consumers enjoy the joy brought by Balancing Scooter trustingly, and assure CHIC product quality and security.


[Note] Underwriter Laboratories America's most authoritative, but also the world's larger non-governmental organization engaged in security testing and identification of America. It is famous for strict and rigorous security standards. It engages in sample test, and unannounced audit test on manufacturer’s factory on an irregular basis.UL2272 is the world’s first and highly authoritative security standardon balancing transportation tool, including Balancing Scooter security standard in respect of battery, motor and electric control. UL2272 is a certification of Balancing Scooter security and reliability. The passing of UL2272 certification is of great guiding significance in the personal and property security of users of Balancing Scooter.