​Hangzhou Chic Files Patent Infringement Suit in the US against Razor


Hangzhou Chic Files Patent Infringement Suit in the US against Razor

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Razor USA, LLC in federal court in the Central District of California.  Chic alleges that Razor’s Hovertrax brand of electric personal transporters, commonly known as “hoverboards,” infringe Chic’s patent. 

“We are pleased that consumers seem to appreciate Chic’s patented hoverboard product” explained Mr. Jiawei Ying, Chic’s CEO, “but unfortunately, several companies have chosen to infringe Chic’s intellectual property to enter this market.  Razor imports infringing hoverboards from China, and sell them in the United States, which activities seriously infringe Chic’s intellectual propertyrights.”  

Chic’s lawsuit seeks monetary damages and a court order to prevent Razor from continuing to infringe Chic’spatent going forward. Chic’s case against Razor is the first lawsuit Chic has filed asserting its intellectual property rights in the United States.  “Chic intends to vigilantly protect its intellectual property rights against infringers, and at the same time relentlessly defend itself in the 337 investigation brought by Razor before the ITC,” Mr. Ying added, “Chic is obligated to do so not only for protecting its own intellectual property, but to protect consumers around the world who love the hoverboard products.  

Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Co. Ltd. (“Chic”) ,founded in 2013, is a high-tech company supported by Zhejiang University Minstry of Education Computer Aided Product Design Engineering Center, Zhejiang University International Design and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Service Robot.  In addition,  Chic’s investors include several well known Chinese investment institutions.  Chic is the manufacturer of the several models of personal transportation devices and the holder of nearly 150 core intellectual property rights including approximately 70 patents worldwide.

Chic sells the popular Smart Wheel S1 hoverboards, and will offer a series of hoverboard products under its new 4WRD brand.  Chic’s hoverboard products, including their lithium-ion batteries, are UL certified as required by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.