1210 Pieces Fake Smart Scooters Were Hunted Down by China Customs


Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd (shorten for chic robot) reported to China Customs that a factory in Wuyi will export twowheel self balancing scooter which  violating our patent on August 11th, 2015, and requested the custom to offer protective measures to us.

CHIC SMART two wheel self balancing scooter was firstly published to the world in August 2014 with patents officially authorized by State Intellectual Property Office.

China Customs immediately dispatched on relevant goods and 1210 pieces smart scooters were found in a container. All these smart scooters are involved in our patents, the total value is approximate 1.95million.

The inside of these fake products are poor and roughness in quality. In order to reduce the cost, they use low quality components. The scooters will shake, poweroff and stop suddenly while riding and bring potential security risks to user's safety. Consumers must be vigilant in the purchase of smart scooter, avoid buying fake products.

Fake products will bring you leagal issues. If the goods are dispatched by customs, you will lose money and goods.

Chic robot will investigate the legal responsibility of the infringing company. Meanwhile, we will continue to report to customs in different regions, to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

transportation of hoverboard

customs inspection