CHIC-SMART in“Run, brother”


After “Run, brother” missions, champions up to the stage to receive the prize.
Miss Manners drove CHIC-SMART to the award winners.

a lady of etiquette who  is riding CHIC hoverboard is going to prize

2014-12-19 Zhejiang Satellite TV “Run, brother” show CHIC-SMART.

After"" """Run, brother" mission  up to the stage
 “Run, brother” is a Chinese variety show based on the original South Korean “Running man”. The original “Running Man” is a South Korean variety show, first aired on July 11, 2010.

The show has been popular in many parts of Asia, and gained online popularity among K-pop fans, having been subtitled to a number of languages by volunteers, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic. The Chinese version is co-produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Korean SBS TV.

 Major staff from “Running Man” will also participate in the joint production.  The cast members include Deng Chao, Angelababy (Yang Ying), Li Chen, Michael Chen(Chen He), Ryan (Zheng Kai), Wang Baoqiang.

lady of etiquette who  is riding CHIC hoverboard

ladies of etiquette who  is riding CHIC hoverboard