CHIC Pi Received High Praise At 2018 INTERMOT(Int.Motorcycle,Scooter and E-Bike Fair)


Oct 3, 2018, INTERMOT(Int.Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair) was officially opened.

Exhibitors, buyers and visitors from more than 100 countries gathered in Cologne Germany, to show and experience the latest technologies in mobility vehicles.

The customer is cycling CHIC Pi in INTERMOT

As the original inventor of balancing hoverboards technologies, Hangzhou CHIC released a brand new electric balancing scooter/hoverboards --SMART Pi to the world. With more than one hundreds new features, CHIC Pi hoverboard is safe and friendly to use, especially for beginners. Non-explosive guarantee, module spare parts, hands-free to power on, really AI(artificial intelligence) integrated, personalized APP enhance the riding experiences and attracted great praises from professional buyers and also visitors.

Buyers and visitors from different countries showed great interest in CHIC's latest technology and innovation in the electric balancing hoverboards industry.“It’s amazing and more smooth.” one product manager commented after a test driving.


After several years, safety is the first consideration when buying a hoverboard, especially for our lovely kids. CHIC re-designed the structure and made a revolutionary improvement to the balancing hoverboards. Your safety is our top priority.

On the fair, CHIC obtained several buyer's intention contracts and sample contracts. Many distributors show great confidence in this revolutionary hoverboard.