Risk Warnings from CHIC


Apri 19, 2018 | Hangzhou, CHINA


Hereby, we, HANGZHOU CHIC INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., the original patents holder of self balancing scooters/hoverboards announce that


1. www.chic-robot.com is the only domain that we use. Any other similar domains are fake and risky, disputing our intellectual property;

2. HANGZHOU CHIC INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the only official business name and beneficiary account name;

3. CHIC only operates two factories, located in Hangzhou and Haining;

4. CHIC authorizes some factories to use our patents rights, but not CHIC brand.

5. Products from authorized factories do not mean CHIC branded products. CHIC is not responsible for the quality or after-sales service of those products.


Please be careful with those who falsely claiming that they're CHIC, but using an email address different from @chic-robot.com or a different bank account name. That's an infringement to CHIC. Any changes of our company information will be noticed via a formal email, with telephone re-confirmation.


You're welcome to report any suspect or verify your current suppliers with us


Email: info@chic-robot.com


Tel: +86-571-88783650 ;   +86-571-88759093


CHIC is dedicated to offering the best solution for electric personal mobility transportation vehicles. 


Customers’ safety is our top priority. Every element of CHIC products was designed, engineered and crafted to the most stringent standards. All our products are certified by UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,C-TICK to ensure the highest safety and performance. Those cheap and fraud products will only harm your kids, your families and your business!


Not only focus on the products, CHIC also takes on social responsibilities and business ethics. CHIC hereby calls for all responsible companies to raise up to protect yourselves and this intelligent industry!